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For social butterflies


German small talk for social butterflies

Are you going to travel to Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Talk to your international friend? Prepare yourself for elegant, polite small talk , learn the vocabulary for proper topics at parties, exhibitions, charity events, various sports events, some society rules. In this 1:1 coaching we practice the DOs and DON’Ts of polite small talk, according to your preferred venues, so that you can communicate in a relaxed way and charm people with your personality!

6 lessons via zoom, 45 minutes each

€ 278


Newsletter for Social Butterflies

Expand your knowledge of the language and useful vocabulary by reading about topics that you are interested in, combined with a few short exercises.
Texts on fashion, sports, etiquette, art and lifestyle will entertain you and effortlessly teach you the German you need for social events. The monthly zoom call will give you the opportunity to practice with likeminded ladies.

2 newsletters per week, about 20 minutes of content,

1 Zoom – call (60 minutes)

per month € 48

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