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German for Veterinarians


German for Veterinarians
Are you thinking about working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

You have the qualification and the experience – but you’re afraid your German is not good enough to talk to the various owners of animals you could treat?

In this coaching you will learn:

• to ask the questions essential for anamnesis and medical history
• to make sure that you and the owner understand each other clearly
• to suggest further examinations
• to explain your diagnosis
• to carefully express a prognosis – or explain why you can´t give a prognosis at this point
• to give polite orders so that you can instruct the owner about the necessary treatment

without risking anger or misunderstandings!
• to express empathy
• to help the owner trust your knowledge and experience

1:1 coaching via zoom,

10 x 45 minutes

€ 598

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